Nothing matches the beauty of timber flooring. It has a clean and classic look and it immediately makes your home feel more warm and inviting. You can install it yourself or have an installer complete the installation process for you. At you will find a wide range of timber parquetry that will suit any home style.

If you plan to buy timber flooring, you are going to need to carefully measure your rooms. Taking the proper measurements is crucial if you are planning on installing your timber flooring yourself. You don’t want to end up not having enough flooring and being unable to complete your job. Take careful measurements and order 5 to 10 percent more than you actually need to ensure that you have enough material for your job. If you have any flooring left over, you can keep it and use it for touch-ups in case your floor ever gets damaged for any reason.

Timber flooring is the perfect type of flooring if you have allergies because it won’t trap allergens and dust and it is easy to clean. It is much easier to keep a dust and allergen free home when you have wood floors. Carpets are a terrible choice if you have allergies because you can’t get all the dirt and allergens out of your carpet by just vacuuming it. There are always allergens that get trapped and won’t come out unless you have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Timber floors won’t trap debris and toxins and they can be completely cleaned with just a broom and mop. They are also efficient because you can quickly clean them and they will look brand new. If you have pets and a family, timber floors are the best choice because they won’t get so dirty.

Wood floors have a high-end look and they will even increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell. People value hardwood floors over carpet and they are more inclined to buy a home that has hardwood floors rather than carpet. Timber flooring is going to make your rooms look bigger and they never go out of style like carpet does.

Modern hardwood floors are strong and durable and they can handle heavy foot traffic and children and pets. They resist wear and they make a great investment since they raise your property value. There is a wide range of timber flooring to choose from and you can easily find flooring that is going to look great in your home and give you decades of service.

Hardwood floors make the air quality better in your home and you won’t need to keep replacing them like you need to do with carpet. Your timber floors are going to look timeless and when they finally start to show signs of wear, you can have them refinished for an affordable price. Classic timber floors are never going to go out of style or look dated. Your home is always going to look modern.