Solar panels are a great way to save money on your household energy bills, especially when you live a state blessed with an abundance of sunshine. Solar energy systems are also an excellent investment for those concerned about climate change and the environment, as you can start to reduce your property’s carbon footprint from the first day of installation. Solar panels produce no noise or pollution, and they require very little maintenance. What’s more, the latest panels come with 25+ year lifetime warranties.

One of the best things about the huge growth in the consumer solar energy industry is that prices of residential systems have decreased massively while power outputs and panel efficiency have increased. Even entry-level systems can generate 6Kw on clear days.

Now, there are lots of solar panel installers in operation in Queensland, so you might be struggling to know which company’s services to hire. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should consider solar energy solutions from Brisbane Solar Needs (

Solar Specialists

The company has been providing solar energy solutions to people in the Brisbane area for many years. Unlike new startups, the company has the experience and expertize to provide you with a system that will best fit the needs and requirements of your household or business. Their established reputation makes them one of the most trustworthy solar panel installers in Brisbane.

Home Installation

You don’t have to travel to any business premises in order to get the solar solution you want. The professionals at Brisbane Solar will come to your home to discuss a personalized solar panel installation package. They will also carry out a detailed survey on your property to make sure that it is compatible with a solar PV system.

Long Term Saving

Brisbane Solar uses the most cost-effective and efficient solar panels for all of the systems they install. When you have PV panels with high-efficiency ratings on your roof, you can enjoy the biggest possible savings on your annual energy bills for 25+ years.

Qualified Professionals And Accreditation

Brisbane Solar have a team of highly qualified and certified installers as well as skilled technicians who know everything there is no know about solar panels and inverters. The company is also an accredited Clean Energy Council Installer.

Ongoing Support

Brisbane Solar employ a network of electricians across the city who can respond to any issues with a system very quickly. If you choose to give the company our business, you can rest assured that you can call them up at any time with your location and they will send a technician to your property ASAP to identify the fault.

So, to learn more about professional solar panel installation for both residential and commercial buildings, but sure to visit On the website, you can get a free quote to give you an idea as to how much an investment in a solar panel system for the property would cost. Furthermore, you can sign up to the company’s newsletter so you can stay updated about the latest offers and deals available.