Restumping a house is important mainly because it ensures that the house does not become unstable from old stumps. Stumps often rot when in the ground due to the weather conditions. Most people wonder if it is best to do the restumping themselves or hire a professional. It is best to hire a professional even though it will cost you money. Here are the reasons why.


Professional restumping services are advantageous as they ensure that the job is done without mistakes. These professionals have the right skills in this type of business. This will help them to ensure that the restumping is done with the right standards and that you will not have any problems that could damage the foundation.

Better Equipment

Professional restumping services will have the right equipment for the job. Getting to the foundation without damaging the walls is essential in ensuring the house remains as it was before. Their equipment will be able to do the job without causing further damage to the house. Some of the equipment used can only be handled by a trained professional. That means that you may end up getting hurt or causing, even more, damage by trying to do the job yourself.

Restumping Skill Set

The house restumping needs to be done by a professional so that they can get the right measurements of the place. Apart from that, they will also estimate how much damage has occurred and how deep the stumps should be. In addition to that, they will also be able to determine the type of material that is best for the stumps according to the type of soil around the stumps. This can only be done by someone that has the right skills for this kind of job.

Faster Home Improvement

Since the professional services will have more manpower, then the job will be finished at a quicker pace than when you have to do it yourself. They will ensure each person in their team has a task so that the restumping process does not take too long. This is advantageous as some of the time the process requires the house to be empty. If you do it yourself, you will take long and that means that you and your family will have to stay away from your home for longer than is necessary.


Most of the legit professional restumping services will be insured. This way if there is damage when the house is being restumped then their insurance will cover the price of repairs. If you do it yourself and the house succumbs to extra damage then you will spend more buying new items for repairs.

This not to mention the fact that if the damage is too much you will still be forced to call the experts to handle it. So why not hire them from the start and avoid all the stress?

If you are looking for professional restumping services you can ask for referrals from friends, family or colleagues. You can also check online.